Y9 Global Classroom

Students learn History and Geography in a conventional classroom on Mondays, but work on group projects in an open classroom on Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to identify issues they care about in their local environment and later in the year in the global world. They then seek to solve an issue they care about, by devising a project that harnesses something they love doing. Students pitch their projects to their peers, who buy into a project that interests them. Once in groups, students work collaboratively to realise their vision.

Some examples of projects are, at a school level

  • Building a chook pen, sourcing and looking after some chooks, and selling the eggs.
  • Building a Pizza Oven.
  • Community building by running a dodge-ball lunchtime, where Yr 7-9 students and teachers in mixed teams come together.

At a local level

  • Joining Land Care to restore properties affected by bushfires.
  • Visiting Nursing Homes,
  • Working in Opportunity shops

At the Global level

  • Fundraising for the Fistula Foundation
  • Awareness raising for World Wildlife Fund