2019 Musical

Poster Design: Karen Stokes


Mayhem the musical is a tale within a tale, but only one goes wrong. The Featherfall Players is putting on another “whimsical” tale, ‘Erin’s Choice’. Erin, a young American woman in the 1950s, doesn’t want to follow her mother’s desire for her to be the traditional American housewife.
However, the twist for the Featherfall Players is that tonight, a Netflix producer is in the house, and the actor playing the aging mother, wanting to impress the Netflix man, decides she doesn’t want to die at the end of act one.
What happens is absolute mayhem in this musical within a musical.


Written by Julian Stokes and Sarah Power


Producer - Sarah Power

Directors -  Julian Stokes and Sarah Power

Assistant Director -  Casey Dewar

Choreographer - Sarah Power

Vocal Coaching - Sarah Power and Jessica Claughton


Booking information will be available Term 3