An introduction to our School Council President for 2020

I am writing to introduce myself to those who I have not previously had the pleasure of meeting and re-acquaint myself with those of you I have not had the fortune of catching up with for some time. 

My name is Scott Fraser and this year I re-joined the Fairhills School Council and was privileged to have been voted in as President. I say re-joined as I had the pleasure of being a member of the council for a period of 10 years from 2003 to 2013. 

During this period, I held the position of President of Council for 8 years and Vice-President for 1 year. My first involvement was is 1995 when our oldest son commenced at Fairhills. During the earlier years, due to commitments elsewhere, I sat as a member of sub-committees only. I only tell you this to illustrate that I have a strong knowledge of the school’s history.

I have re-joined this year, as I believe the school has been poorly treated by successive Governments with a lack of funding to refurbish/rebuild the school. At the time I left the council last time, Fairhills was sitting at the top of tree for major School Regeneration funding, however unfortunately has suffered due to political ping-pong. Those who knew me before can attest that I am quite determined when it comes to campaigning for funding. I have a very strong belief that Fairhills High School has some of the finest Teachers, Educational Support staff and Facilities staff one could ever hope to have tasked with the responsibility of educating and caring for their students. The Fairhills team is dedicated, passionate and focussed. What more would you want? They however, as are the students, operating in fifty-year-old facilities that have not been modernised to building standards and educational imperatives appropriate to the twentyfirst century. The community would expect better of any Government.

This situation will be my highest priority. I would like to be able to say that I have already had some success. However, we are unfortunately living in very different times. I have already been in contact with most relevant politicians, and do understand that in this environment it is not going to be easy to gain timelines or commitments. Even so, I shall still be conducting a strong campaign to all who may have influence.

Very pleasingly, I can inform you that the members who graced us by joining school council this year, are a very passionate and focussed group that share many like values and ideals. A chief one of those, is that we will not be standing still waiting for the “big” funding, but also moving forward with the improvement and beautification of our school facilities via the use of community groups, community funding and by applying for every and any grants that become available.

I also invite any parents/carers or general members of the wider school community, to join us as potential projects come to fruition. (We have many excellently skilled members of our community that may be of great benefit to these projects.)

If any parent, teacher, staff member or greater community member would like to talk to me directly, please contact the office and leave your details and I guarantee that I will respond as soon as possible.

I look forward to an excellent year as part of Fairhills High and its wider community. With determination and focus, I am sure we will be able to set the wheels of progress in motion.

Finally, as we all traverse through these very unfamiliar times, I would like to take a moment to thank all staff and students for their efforts in working collectively to minimise any impact on the teaching/learning process. I would also in particular like to thank and congratulate the parents, carers and grandparents for the excellent commitment they are giving to support the students and staff whilst assisting with remote learning. I am very aware of just how large a commitment this is, especially as I am sure for many it was not in their planning for 2020.  


Kind regards

Scott Fraser