Thank You - from School Council
On behalf of the Fairhills High’s School Council, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every member of the Teachers, Educational Support staff and Facilities staff for the outstanding efforts they have put in over these last weeks.

The speed with which they came together to create many new and varied learning platforms and methodologies was simply dazzling to witness.

We are also equally proud of they way they are now moving to the first stages of returning students to the classroom. We encourage all families to please continue to follow the respectful rules of social distancing whilst at school, travelling to and from school and in the wider community.

Please, if anyone, students or parents are struggling through these times, speak up. We all recognise these have been very different and difficult times that have brought with them many varied issues. The biggest thing to remember, if you are doing it tough, “you don’t have to do it on your own”. Fairhills is fortunate to have an amazing welfare team that are always there for any student that may need to share their concerns, seek personal assistance or just for a bit of advice or guidance. Fairhills as a community is also there to assist where possible, so if you as a parent/guardian are feeling it, we are also there for you.

With deepest sincerity

Scott Fraser

Fairhills High School

School Council President