Reflections of our time at Fairhills High School - Masahiro Hatoyama & Subaru Miyake

Fairhills High School is undoubtedly an excellent school as we have experienced a great school life.  We are now in Year 12 and have been enjoying this school for more than 2 years.  All of the teachers have supported us with kindness and they are extremely reliable.  Also local students have been very helpful and friendly, helping us in class as 'mates' and inviting us to enjoy socialising with them even outside school.  There are not many international students at Fairhills, unlike other schools, but this has led to us making Australian friends which has improved our English at a greater rate.  Furthermore there are a lot of enjoyable events at Fairhills such as the short term exchange program with KSKK, the Rock Eisteddfod, the International Food Festival, the Cos Play Competition and the Debutante Ball.  We encourage all students to study overseas.  It is a very rewarding experience.



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