Information for Prospective Students

A Seamless & Enjoyable Transition

Helping our Year 7 students to feel happy and secure as they adjust to the greater complexity of secondary school begins with our Primary School Secondary Sampler program.  Year 5 and 6 students visit the school for cultural, sporting, science and technology experiences and, of course, orientation day in December.

These positive experiences help primary students to quickly form new friendships at the school, broaden their horizons, meet future teachers and build the confidence they will need to feel welcome on commencement at Fairhills.


A Confident Start

Year 7 students experience the personal care of a form teacher who takes them for at least two subjects.

A compact team of subject teachers, an orientation camp at Phillip Island, and the peer support of older students enable our juniors to quickly develop positive relations with teaching staff and each other.

This process markedly assisted by a specialist pastoral support team consisting of a student wellbeing coordinator, year level coordinators, a social worker, a youth worker, a psychologist and a student services coordinator.  Fairhills has an effective anti-bullying policy and provides Year 7 students with their own designated locker room, toilet block and courtyard to foster a feeling of security and a sense of belonging.


Discover the Opportunities

Parents and prospective students are encouraged to discover the opportunities at Fairhills High School with Multiple Learning Pathways, Engaging Curriculum, Extensive Extra-curricular activities and Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL).

School Tours regularly run throughout the months of March, April and May.  Please contact the school to make a booking and for more details on 9758 5022.

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Enrolment Eligibility

Students in our area have an automatic entitlement to enrol at Fairhills.  Students living outside this area are encouraged to apply.  In 2017 all applicants will be accepted.


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