SEAL Program

Select Entry Accelerated Learning  (SEAL)


Why a SEAL Academy School ?

Educators have long known of the benefits of grouping together high achieving students and providing a program suited to their learning needs.  Initially, the Department of Education introduced the SEAL program into a limited number of Victorian schools in1995.  In 2014 these schools joined together to form the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools.  There are currently 40 schools across the state accredited to run a SEAL program.   Schools belonging to the SEAL Academy are regularly audited to ensure they maintain high standards of teacher professional development, academic rigour and pastoral care. 


What does SEAL look like at Fairhills ?

Each year Fairhills High School offers places in one SEAL class at Year 7.  Students accepted into the SEAL program learn curriculum at a faster pace and with less repetition than the mainstream classes.   The emphasis is on work that is designed to be challenging and stimulating.  This approach aims to develop higher order thinking skills and foster independent learning.  This leads to the SEAL class being able to cover the Year 7-9 curriculum in two years instead of the normal three.  This allows students to be able to undertake many more VCE Units in their senior years than are available through the conventional pathway from Years 7-12.  For some students this may even include the opportunity to undertake university enhancement subjects in their final year of high school.


I think my child may be suited to the SEAL program.  What can I do now ?

Most students enter the SEAL program at Year 7.  However from 2018 onwards we will offer limited places for additional students to join the program at Year 10. 



SEAL students must sit an examination and attend an interview.   Grade 6 students apply in Term 2 for the following year. 


The links below will direct you to information on our SEAL selection processes and deadlines.  Don’t miss our special SEAL Parent Information session on Thursday 19th April.  This session will be held in C3A commencing at 6.30, the evening will include light refreshments.


SEAL Program Calendar – Key Dates


SEAL Program Brochure



Please note: further information regarding session times will be available on this website closer to the testing date.  If you have any further questions please refer to the contact information below:


Asha Vazirani

Director of Learning Pathways

Fairhills High School

Phone: 9758 5022