Student Absence


All parents are encouraged to regularly check students Unexplained Absences in COMPASS to ensure all absences are recorded according to the Department of Education regulations.


1. Lot into COMPASS and click onto your child's Attendance Tab

2. Click on the Unexplained Tab

3. Any unexplained absences will appear here with the date and period to be approved.

4.  You can click in the boxes on the left side of the page and select the dates to record your approval with the appropriate reason for the absence.

5.  If your child has attended a school related activity and missed their scheduled class and not been flagged in an event or has been accidently marked incorrectly could you please email the school to have this amended in their absence records.

6.  Parents can enter approvals for upcoming absences prior to the even in advance such as Family Holidays, Medical appointments etc. in the Notes & Approvals Tab to the left of the Unexplained Tab.

7.  Alternatively parents can email the school or send a note to the office which includes the Students Name, Home Group, Reason for Absence & Dates of Absence or phone  the school student absence line to record any absences.


Student Attendance Officer


For important information for parents regarding student absence please click here