Health & Physical Education

The Health program at Fairhills provides a wide range of topics and activities for students to participate in and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.  The Year 7-10 program covers topics such as:

  • communication
  • risk taking
  • health system
  • sexual health
  • drug education
  • smoking and many more highly relevant topics for adolescents
  • Body Systems

The Physical Education program develops skills and knowledge in:

  • ball & racquet sports
  • athletics
  • swimming
  • bike-education
  • fitness
  • motor skill development
  • hitting & kicking sports
  • evasion sports

The sport program provides a number of sports to participate in during each term.  Students have the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen sport.

VCE subjects include Health & Human Development, Physical Education and Outdoor & Environmental Studies.  Each subject is now well established and provides quality learning outcomes for students.


  • Introduction and advancement of Year 7 & 8 Health program
  • High number of sport successes including medals in the National Volleyball competition
  • Improvement in fitness & motor skills
  • Promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle outside school

Click on the link to access the Fairhills Basketball Academy