Learning Technologies



Fairhills High School has a comprehensive computer network with cable and wireless access.

  • Electronic Whiteboards or Projectors in all classrooms
  • Twelve networked PCs in the Library
  • 5-10 networked PCs in specialist rooms eg. Y12 Visual Communication

1:1 Computer Program

Fairhills High School begain its 1:1 computer program in 2011.  Students in all year levels have a notebook computer, which are used in class to further enhance student learning.  It also allows students to enhance their technology skills.

Fairhills introduced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) computer option in 2015.  Students are able to bring their own notebook to school, on which they can access the school internet.


Technical Support

  • Part time technician - C Woods
  • Part time technician - M Johnson






Strategies for securing portable computers from the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development - Victoria


Students are required to be responsible in securely maintaining the portable computer at home and travelling to and from school.  The following tips are provided to assist is this process:

  • To prevent theft or damage, it is recommended that the portable computer is carried inside a school bag when travelling to and from school and not displayed in public.
  • Do not leave your bag unattended while travelling to and from school with your portable computer inside.


  • Portable computers should not be left in public view (eg. inside the family car, etc.) if used out of school hours.
  • In the case of a suspected theft, a police report must be made by the family and a copy of the report provided to the school
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to discuss and offer advice to their children regarding security of their portable computer.