'Learning to think not just to repeat!'

 Subjects Offered

Year 7    Mainstream Maths              SEAL Maths

Year 8    Mainstream Maths              SEAL Maths

Year 9    Mainstream Maths

Year 10  Mainstream Foundation       Mainstream Maths               Enhanced Maths

Year 11  General Maths (Further)      General Maths (Methods)     Maths Methods

Year 12  Further Maths                     Maths Methods                   Specialist Maths


Maths Department Initiatives
We are proud of the progress our students make while undertaking studies at Fairhills High School, and our NAPLAN growth data shows we have some of the highest growth in Numeracy in the area from years 7 to 9. The Maths Department have implemented a number of initiative and interventions to achieve this excellent outcome and to improve student outcomes and engagement in their learning.

1.  The development of “Hands On” learning programs

Our teachers work together to make Maths relevant to our students and to help students take the leap from concrete learning to more conceptual learning. This requires development of “hands On” learning programs in through construction, art, design and data analysis to better understand the rationale for algebra, measurement and statistics in everyday life.

2. The incorporation of technology in the classroom

With the installation of Interactive Whiteboards across our Maths classrooms we are better able to demonstrate important mathematical concepts quickly and to include students in the development of the lesson. Including student laptops in class we can help students in assessments, engage students in coding and provide access to wonderful internet based learning including Hotmaths and Edrolo.

3. The use of problem solving activities across all year levels

Despite good abilities in their Numeracy, many students lack confidence to begin solving mathematical problems. By integrating problem solving activities into our curriculum we give students the opportunity to focus on gaining their confidence as they approach a problem. This is teaching our students ‘How to Think’, rather than routinely following instructions without understanding their purpose.

4. Targeting interventions

We do not want our students to ‘fall through the cracks’ in Mathematics and Numeracy and support them by providing;

  • Maths Workshops to provide additional tuition time in a smaller setting
  • Individualised Programs developed for a student’s prior abilities in consultation with the student and their families.
  • Use of Software (Hotmaths and edrolo) to provide online student support and tutoring