Performing Arts

'Creating opportunities for all students in a wide range of Performance Skill areas'

Offering a diverse range of subjects within the Music, Dance and Drama streams, our students start their Performing Arts courses in Year 7 and can go all the way through to VCE if they desire.

Each year our students undertake a massive variety of different topics, subjects and unique experiences that make their time within the Performing Arts faculty all the more fun!  At Year 7 level, our aim is to provide a 'taster' of all of the different streams of the Performing Arts.


Our Drama students create and perform a range of performances within a range of genres, and this year our Senior Theatre Studies class directed and performed their own interpretation of the classic 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' to packed audiences.  Our Year 10, 11 and 12 Theatre Studies students each year perform a brilliant assortment of self written and published monologues.  We have a great relationship with Physical Theatre Company Zen Zen Zo, and our Theatre Studies students are always undertaking intensive workshops with professional instructors.  Our Year 8 and 9 students have entertained the masses with fantastic improvisation nights, and our very willing staff members of Fairhills have become the leading actors of theses impromptu events!


Our Music students are always the main entertainment of any school function, and here at Fairhills we boast the 2009 winning band 'Le Purr', the proud winners of the Knox Battle of the Bands.  Our music classes have a '/rock' feel to them, with a focus on guitars, keys, percussion and vocal, but we cater to all instruments within our Private Instrumental Program.  Our Year 11 Band is always the main provider of the score for our school Musical each year.


Our Dance students learn, create and perform a massive array of different stylistic pieces, from Contemporary, Jazz and Funk, through to New Vogue, Ballroom and Tap Dancing!  Each year our students participate in the Dance Fair Dance Competition, Dance Spectacular show and a range of various performance events that represent the school.  Throughout the year, workshops are undertaken at professional providers such as Ministry of Dance, Dance Factory and The Space - relationships are built with local choreographers.  Our students are always exposed to loads of professional dance performances, and many of our students even have the privilege of dancing with the professionals!

For over a decade, Fairhills consistently performed at the highest level in the Rock Eisteddfod winning a first place in the highest division five times.  We have now transferred this expertise and commitment into our annual Musical Production.

Each year Fairhills presents a range of performances including semester concerts, primary school visits, a Performing Arts Festival, a Solo Performance Drama evening and Dance Fair (interschool Dance competiton) to encourage student participation and develop their performing talents.


Each and every student within the school has the opportunity to be a part of the annual School Musical.


Subjects Offered:

  • Music (Y7-12)
  • Dance (Y7-12)
  • Drama (Y7-10)
  • Theatre Studies VCE

Co-Curricular Activities:

  • Dance & Drama Performance Evenings
  • Concerts
  • Annual Musical Production


  • Musical Production
  • Concerts
  • Performance Evenings