Student Transition & Pathways

Student Transition & Pathways


Learning, Acceleration & Enhancement

Students who are faster learners can undertake an Acceleration Program and complete the curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 in two years. They then go into Senior School to complete a normal Year 10 VCE preparation year before commencing an enhanced three year VCE.  This enables students to study a wider range of VCE subjects, participate in Career Development Options and University Enhancement Studies as well as obtaining higher ENTER scores.

Year 10 is approached as a VCE preparation year.  Students select curriculum units each semester from an extensive range of electives as they will continue to do in VCE.  Fairhills has been most pro-active and a leader in implementing the Managed Individual Pathways Strategy (MIPS).  Students are introduced to the concept of Career Pathways in Year 9 where they are helped to develop a first draft of their own Individual Pathway.  In Year 10 each student is involved in more detailed self assessment and research which enables them to update and refine their first draft into a detailed Pathways Plan for Years 11 and 12.

Career Development Plan provides 3 optional pathways:

Professional Workplace Learning (PWL) This traditional academic VCE option caters for students planning to go to university or TAFE.  It provides one day per week of work placement that is appropriate to their career path.  Students systematically develop the government's seven Generic Work Competencies, complete the VCE subject Industry & Enterprise and gain valuable experience in their anticipated career.

Vocational Education & Training (VET) Students planning to commence TAFE can go off-campus to complete Certificate II (with VCE credit) in any one of over 20 TAFE courses.  The VET courses are fully accredited as part of the VCE.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) This is a two year program, with the opportunity to achieve a certificate at the end of each year.  Students undertake a VET course or alternatively begin a traineeship.  As they complete school students have the opportunity to experience a range of work placements to assist them in making informed decisions about their careers.


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